Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wow!! We're almost done.. ):

It's a little sad our mural almost completed. We are going to miss Mark. A lot. He is such a great goofy teacher and has crazy shoes. We are also going to miss everyone in our class and all the fun times we had like spilling water/paint on beautiful parts of the mural and attempting to clean it up before Mark notices. Like listening to the whole Justin Bieber CD. Like picking through pieces for the mural and arguing about all the hands. EVERYWHERE. Like trying to team up and convince Mark that the two paper squares were actually the same color so we could stop with color theory. haha. WE DID NOT CHEAT ;). Like going to Detroit and spending 30 mins trying to find Hamtramck Disney Land! Like cupcakes for Tashina's Birthday. Like Pizza with Jesus and  philosophical talks with Mark. (shoot, was i supposed to tell everyone that). Well, Tashina and I are very happy that we got to take this class together because now we have something to always remember each other by. 

-Tashina & Destiny!                                                                                    

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