Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mural Installed!

After four full days of painstaking work, the entire 78 feet of mural is finally installed! Special thanks to Charles Repholz from C and P painting for bringing John MacKenzie on board to oversee the installation of this artwork. With able help from Dave Saaristo, John worked miracles with patience and humor throughout the arduous process of hanging over 1200 feet of this spectacularly painted muslin.

Due to the weight of the large sections of mural, many smaller pieces had to be cut and pieced together. It made it easier to handle on the one hand, yet created more difficulties on the other. Once wet with glue the muslin wanted to shrink and stretch simultaneously, and unpredictably, making it a real challenge to put it up into the correct position on the wall.  However, I am pleased to report that the results of John and Dave's hard work has resulted in a true pleasure to behold.

I would post pictures of the finished mural, but photos don't do it justice--plus I don't want to spoil the surprise my students will enjoy when they see if for the first time in person.


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