Friday, December 9, 2011

And It Lived Happily Ever After

The mural is finished? The mural is finished. The mural is finished! (I Don't know why saying that out loud makes me think of Paul Revere's Midnight Ride).

But seriously, it has finally been completed! After everything we all have been through for this thing, it is finally completed!  I've poured sweat and blood unto this mural!  I've poured my sweat priming the canvas!  And I've poured blood on the last mural when I cut myself with a stapler.  So I have legit poured sweat and blood into this mural, not in a figurative manner.  I have yet to shed a tear on the mural, but I do plan on it once I'm all alone.   But as of right now, at least I can say this mural is somewhat part of me if not completely part of me.

Ahh, this course has been such a great adventure.  I remember right from the beginning when Mark asked us to draw a self-portrait of ourselves.  I forgot to do it, so on the ride here I scrambled to finish it.  It was a rather pathetic portrait and I seriously comtemplated just not turning it in since it was so bad. But I did turn it in... and it did seem like the worst... however, it did create some laughs.  :D  Then, we had our art exercices which were such a pain in the ***.  But when we finished, it was truly the greatest feeling ever.  Like that feeling when you finally complete an essay due in 2 hours after you have procrastinated for 2 weeks.  After those exercises I was so excited to start the mural.  When I first saw the canvas for the mural and design I was like, "Oh Fudge".  Two thoughts then popped in my head which were, "We can't finish this" and "I can't do any of this".  But I wasn't going to have my way, Mark pushed us and me to complete it and to work on different sections of the mural.  Over time, little by little and step by step I was noticing that I was getting better, I was getting bolder, and this mammoth of a project was being finished.

Little by little we all helped contribute to the mural and helped each other become better artists.  We all tried to help each other and we all seeked help from each other.  In no other class have I ever see such cooperation, or have I been a part of.  It was a great and very inspiring journey.  So now that the mural has been finally finished, we all get to live happily ever after...'till next semester :(

But one thing we have to look forward to for next semester is the presentation of our mural :D

After that, we all lived Happily Ever After!... The End/El Fin
~ Jesus >:3

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