Saturday, December 10, 2011

Art and Music

I am sitting at my computer and constantly deleting each thought that enters my "reflection letter." I initially  expected this to be  an easy way to vocalize my thoughts about my experience in this class. What I am now realizing, is that this all-encompassing experience is nearly impossible to explain on a blank email page. Coming into this class we expected to paint and make a mural, but what we extracted is the true meaning of art. Not the evidence which lays upon our remarkable mural but the process, the conversations, and  the experience which is real, raw and ART.

Playing the viola has always allowed me to delve into my unconscious and express my deepest feelings without a need for words. I thought that music was the only thing that would ever enable such a feeling of catharsis and alleviation from a sometimes very materialistic and mundane surrounding. When this journey in art began, technical work was the main focus. This seemed solely mechanical and tedious, but once we started working on the mural itself, I found  my peers and I discussing the mural more often then not. From the first time I put my brush on the white canvas (which is now our mural) I lost a sense of time and external stress. Fast forward to yesterday, and my five hours in art class seemed like not nearly enough time. I felt that therapeutic sense of catharsis, the most authentic sense of meaning, and now I even feel my own sense of identity reflected within the product of our art.  Art is my language and language is the quintessence.

Daniela Lapciuc

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