Friday, December 9, 2011

Reflection: Perspectives of Zach Mandell

On the final day of class, we had a closing discussion of the class over pizza. Mark began asking us questions about our experiences with the mural and one that I felt strongly about was whether our experience with the mural or the mural itself was more important. My answer: the experience

I have a feeling that through this class I have undergone somewhat of a change in my perspective of art. Mark often refers to the idea of "visual literacy" which I like to think of as the ability to see art. He feels that much of society places value on writing based literacy and lacks visual literacy. At first, I could somewhat grasp the idea of visual literacy. After visiting UMMA and the DIA (Detroit Institute of Art), I developed an interest for art that I never had felt before. The reason for this change in my view of art is a result of my ability of this thing called "visual literacy". While I have seen an improvement in my artistic skills when I'm painting, I am most enlightened by my ability to now sit in front of a painting for a number of minutes and still be engaged.

I'm just so visually literate right now that it hurts to type.

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