Friday, December 9, 2011

The Big Day

Ahh, it's the Big Day, huh.  We have all been waiting for this.  To finally finish our great masterpiece.  It's been such a long adventure with it's ups and downs.  Now writing this, I'm thinking of what life is going to be like without this class.  No more waking up at 9:45 A.M. to wait outside in the cold for the bus, then drifting to sleep on the bus ride to the studio.  No more free pizza and random talks about art, philosophy, and just life in general around the pizza.  ;____;  No more struggling to make colors and always asking Tim, Destiny, Tashina, Mimi or anyone else if I made the color right.  Today is somewhat sad, but hey, looking back now, it was totally worth it.  I'm leaving this class with a new perspective.  I can now truly appreciate the beauty of the outside world. 

One day while waiting for the bus, I was looking at the cement after it snowed.  I was looking at the wet patches and I was thinking, hmm that wet spot did a great job, wow that other spot really outdid itself with the color transition. Hmmm, how can I make this brownesque color? (I think it has something to do with Yellow Ochre and maybe some Burnt Umber).

I'm glad I took this class so I can have these random moments and this new perspective on the outside world. Art is beautiful and art is everywhere.
So everything must be beautiful right?
I say YES!
Because if you can't find the beauty in it, then you're obviously not looking at it, right?   :P

~ Jesus :3

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