Saturday, December 10, 2011

Random thoughts about my Public Art experience

Art in Public Spaces, for me, was definitely a much needed class. This class taught me so much about cooperation, communication, and determination all while having a little fun. Scratch that, a lot of fun! The ability to create something, especially art, is a big accomplishment. To me, art is personal. Most of the art we see is made by an individual mind with an individual body doing all of the work. The fact that we collaborated and made such a unique beautiful piece just goes to show how amazing team work can be. In my mind, a single person could not have such an extravagant complicated piece. It takes different personalities, interests and talents to make something like this. I think that's a message that everyone needs to realize. Everything isn't meant to be done individually. Even art. You learn from working with others. I think what's important about this version of Mark's class is that we worked together. If I had been in one of the previous classes and made something individually, I doubt I would have enjoyed the class as much or have been so proud of the outcome.

I love that this class has taught me so many skills that can be related to other aspects of my life. At first, I just thought this class was a way for me to relax while still getting credits. BOY, WAS I WRONG! This class was far from relaxing. It was hard. We had to get covered in paint, do things when we didn't quite understand why we were even doing them, and confront our doubts about our own talent as well as the possibility of not getting it all finished, all while working with people we hardly knew. All that work is what made us a family.
 One thing I really liked about this class was that no matter how bad I thought I did, someone was always there to encourage me or say how nice it was. I guess that's the thing about art, there is no wrong answer. Who's to say my work or my interpretation is wrong? This class wasn't like most others here at the University. With this class, you actually got to be a part of something big, literally. I'm part of a small group that leaves a major mark on this campus. That's incredible.

This class also allowed me to see the importance of art. Art had always been important to me, but without this class, I would have probably never realized the impact it has on people and how important it really is. I want everyone to be able to experience what I did. The sense of accomplishment you get when finishing a piece of art work is absolutely unreal. It's nothing like getting an A on a calculus test. You put your heart as well as your mind into something, interpret it, and then actually create it!

Eventually, I will throw all of my paint covered clothes out. The paint on my nails and skin will wash away, but I will always have that mural, that beautiful piece of art that a bunch of teenagers with little to no experience put together for the world to see. THAT, and the memories, will stay with me forever <3 

Destiny (:

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