Friday, September 23, 2011

Color Exercises

You are looking at patience
Consider color blending to be a workout of the mind. How many drops of white or black is needed to create just the right shade along a gradation? An effort that may seem like a guessing game at first, eventually evolves into skill with a lot of time, a lot of practice, and a lot of thought.

Today, students were asked to work on their color blending and were asked to create strings of gradually changing colors, ranging from dark shades to lighter shades. It may sound simple, but it looked a little frustrating - rewarding at the same time, I'm sure. Especially when they were finally able to hear an "okay" or "good" from Mark, letting them know their work had successfully demonstrated the gradual shade changing he was looking for.


(What Mark was looking for)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

How it All Began...

The wondrously talented students of Mark Tucker's Art in Public Spaces class have started working on a number of projects to be archived on THIS blog. Be sure to check back from time to time to experience the class' atmosphere through the snapshots of a lens. Soon enough artwork will be unfolding before your eyes.


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