Friday, November 18, 2011

"Less White"

Mark says "less white" should be Art in Public Space's new motto. It seems to be the reoccurring goal when it comes to mural progress. As you can see, students have been achieving it. Mark was also able to remix the mysterious shade of purple that Simi has been trying to remake - that must be a relief.  The painting of the purple lady can now continue.

We also had a guest come in today, Toni Auletti, with some words of wisdom. She told students that the faster they worked, the better their work would be. She also suggested covering all white spots with at least some kind of wash before leaving the room today (even if it's in underpants colors, as she says!), also reinforcing the "less white" motto. Maybe that can be a new technique used for panel 3. They'll be starting it soon enough! It looks like panel 2 is nearing completion. 

I'm going to try to take or find pictures of the space where the entire mural will be installed and post those later to get a better idea of the size and everything. It will be a fun surprise for everyone seeing how the panels will look when set next to each other. Soon enough.


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