Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just to set the Scale...

As you have probably realized, this mural is massive. Here's a picture just to emphasize that some more. Mark plans on having this segment of the mural finished before or around Thanksgiving. We will see...

In earlier posts, Zach and Simi mentioned how Mark and the rest of the students were discussing the importance of a joint effort, or stylistic unity, or however it was put. I'm not totally sure because I wasn't actually there, but I think student's have done a really great job at creating a cohesive work. The styles seem to flow in and out of each other with ease. It's apparent that a number of different hands were at work, but where those separating boundaries end and begin is pretty ambiguous - which I think is a positive thing. It means the students are really in sync with each other and instead of being a bunch of individual paintings forced together, the mural becomes a collection of interwoven paintings complimenting each other to create one united piece.


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