Friday, November 4, 2011

Round 2: Another panel is coming along

Surrounded by the undulating sounds of reggae, french, and an eclectic assortment of musical sounds, students are working on panel 2. They started with a blank slate on Monday and as you can see, it's coming along already. There's still a lot of white space, but as the color builds, images inch closer and closer together and the white spaces become fewer and fewer. 

There's a strong sense of team work and support among the students, which I'm sure helps smooth thing along. There's probably moments of conflicting visions, but overall I'd say it's been fairly agreeable. I'm hearing mostly, "that looks great!" and "I like that a lot" from student to student, which is a positive thing. The Festifools puppets, who fill every corner of the room, would probably be very complimentary as well if they could talk. They've been watching the mural's progression all along.


one of the panel references

waiting for paint to dry can be very energetically costly

Mimee's sun 

another panel reference

Zach's work

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