Friday, November 11, 2011

First Class Discussion

Very interesting start to class today. We all sat down in a circle and began to reflect on the mural so far. Mark brought up the fact that we shouldn't allow OUR work to become more of an individualized project. We don't just want to feel like we painted this face, the apple, and the box over there. On top of that, it seems like some of the more unexperienced painters are shying away from painting the most prominent and detailed parts of the mural. As a group, we should all feel like we played an important role in the mural.

After discussing what we should change in the process of making the mural, we drew questions out of a bucket that Mark prepared. I think it got everyone thinking a lot and we had a great discussion. There was much talk on whether or not the mural has meaning, which has been brought up many times before. I've listed some of the questions below, but I wont share many details. If your curious on how we answered the questions come to the grand opening event.


What does it means to be an artist?

What does it "feel" like to paint?

Who should see this mural and why?

Does the mural "mean" anything?

What does it mean to collaborate creatively?

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