Friday, October 28, 2011

It's growing!

The first panel is already full of color, it looks like. Barely any negative white spaces are left and it looks great! There's subdued music playing in the background - maybe it's channeling creative energy and focus into the students' work speed. If you are dying to know who these talented artists are, then check out the "Meet the Artists" tab I added recently. It will give you a little background info on their stories. They are all working pretty intensely (and contently) on their mural painting so I won't distract them by asking them to come write for a little about what's going through their minds. They'll let you know sooner or later. Artists are known to take their time with things!

Here's what the mural looked like last week:

Mark giving Zach some instruction
Anna's apple

It's looking a lot more detailed now with its layers of visuals. Here's how it's looking a week later (it's come a long way):

I like taking snapshots like this last one of segments. You get to see all of the details. I'll take more like this later on when it's more complete. It's really all the mini paintings strung together making one huge painting and it's a great piece of artwork as a whole. I would argue in this case though, that the whole isn't always greater than the sum of it's parts. In this case, I think the parts are just as good standing alone. 

I thought this color map was a neat idea (picture below).  Just like nomads and travelers need their maps, artists need theirs, too. Instead of arriving at some distant destination, this map guides you to a desired color. Or at least guides you towards one. It's probably near impossible to mix the same color twice unless you are a machine. But at least this minimalizes any surprises when color-surprises are unwanted. Sometimes predictability is ideal. Take a look:


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