Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"If You've Got the Glue Stick...

...then you've got the power," according to a student while working on the mural design in class. This seems to be a very true statement in this case, considering tiny glue sticks are responsible for holding together once distant and unrelated images. But it's not just glue sticks that are responsible for the work, it's also the artists behind the collage arrangements and careful spatial, chromatic planning. It's pretty interesting watching the work come together. What started off as a white slate turned into an arangement of bursting color. There are neutral tones, sepias, and black-and-whites as well, but they seem to make the colors stand out even more. 

Here are some of the students' thoughts spoken out loud while they worked:

What did you say?
Yeah. I like that.
Wait, what if we have this overlapping this and then...
But do we want the pointyness?
Like the square...
Having it underneath...
Yeah it's glued.
Should we eliminate this part...
Should we take away the other figure and have it just...
It's like running off the eye.
It's like running away.
I like it.
No! Something pretty.
Like this.
You talking to me?
Do you like the apple like that or underneath?
We need to cover...
It'd be cool popping out.
Upside down and like that?
Should I put it like this or no?
Not on her eye!
So what do you want to do?
Where do we put the eight ball?
It was right here...
Let's find something black and white.
What color are we looking for?
Does it have to be black and white...or can it just be a lighter color. You know?
Let's just take that color and put it in here.
I like how this is almost rainbow and this is...
Try that over there...
We can have a black and white one right here.
'Cause I have black and white in this one and in this one...
What do you guys think of that?
You'll figure it out. Something to put over it.
This is kind of cool guys.
Are we cool with it?
We need some right here but I think I'm cool with this.
Yeah it does.
So what I'm understanding, what I understand is something.
I think this is brown.
You're not using the circle of life picture??
We could.
You could stick it under things and poke it out.
Is everyone cool with...
I love that.
I love this.
I like this whoever did this.
Just stick them in random spots.
I like that our pink...we're making pink.
Can we put this one on upside down, yeah.
What do you think we should do here?
I feel like we need color.
There's tons of color in the middle.

I'm just very satisfied with this...
Yeah that's awsome.
Oo, I love the...
Add a little..
You can cut it squiggly, too.
Purple. Yeah, okay perfect.
That looks good.
If you look back from it, it looks so cool to have the brightness and then the...

We like the mushroom?
Yeah we like the mushroom.
Blue kind of breaks it up.
Does it break it up or does it bring it out?
It breaks it up.
This is walking out and this is walking in.
I love that elephant.
Me, too. It's good luck.

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