Monday, October 17, 2011

The Mural Baby is Born


So, the collage design is done. It's like a baby mural. It's waiting to grow into the finished work it's soon to become. Here is the collage cut into panels. There are grid lines laid over the design for spatial planing. I could tel the students really enjoyed working on it. A handful of them voluntarily stayed a long time after class was over to finish up their work. Maybe they were anxious to see the result or didn't want to leave their unfinished work to sit in the room overnight. Maybe they thought its unwholeness (made that word up) would detract from its liveliness. They'll tell you their thoughts when they start writing their own blog posts - which will be soon!


It's hard to see, but here's the panels side by side
This is the HUGE cartoon coming together. It takes up most of the floor.

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